Why Us ?

OTA Consulting brings the following added value to projects:

Each QS is either accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), or supervised by a member of the RICS; a UK body responsible for quality assurance within the profession.

We are constantly exploring and testing new technologies that improve the accuracy of our services. Using the latest technology, OTA Consulting has developed techniques that allow shortened turnaround times to assess valueengineering options, which can be invaluable in the usual iterative process of designs.

We boast full integration with the Building Information Modeling platforms (BIM) such as Revit, allowing us to explore the price of design options within minutes.

Through the use of technology, we are also able to reduce our operational time in providing services by as much as 60%. As a result, we are able to be competitive with our industry peers. This benefit translates to project savings en-route to our goal of ensuring the client achieves good value for money.

Several of our associates have presented papers at the Institute of Surveyors of Trinidad & Tobago (ISTT) and the Caribbean Procurement Institute (CPI). The papers examined the role of the traditional QS and the use of specialist software in the modern construction industry.

OTA Consulting tailors its services to focus on helping the client to achieve economy and efficiency on their projects. Integrating us in the project from inception gives the benefit of establishing early budgets so that designers can design within budget and not retro-fit their design to fit the budget.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Works are often included in the contract as provisional sums (rough estimates). OTA Consulting however, as a result of specialist training in MEP works, is able to define in detail the scope of works, provide accurate estimates and prepare tender documents so that fixed contract sums can be agreed-upon. This lessens the likelihood of cost overruns.

All documents are subject to, at minimum, an internal peer review and when necessary, an external and independent review. All work is meticulously checked by the time it is delivered to the client. Technology again, plays a very important part in our Quality Control process, systematically flagging any issues before they are incorporated into the project.